The Truth Behind Those Doxxxology Songs From Poker Face Episode 4

If you’re craving something fun, inventive, and murderous, then you should be watching Poker Face. Created by Rian Johnson, the man of mystery behind Knives Out and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the Peacock series follows Natasha Lyonne’s Charlie Cale, a self-sufficient badass who knows when you are lying. She travels across the country, encountering a variety of interesting people and places, who, inexplicably, always get caught up in a murder. But, that’s where Charlie comes in. She is basically a human lie detector. She can and will call your bluff.

Each episode of the series features a new case and a new crop of actors. Episode 4, titled “Rest in Metal,” gets its rock on, as we go on tour with the washed-up heavy metal band Doxxxology. Frontwoman Ruby Ruin (Chloë Sevigny) now spends her days working a lousy day job at a home improvement retail store. Gone are the days of selling out venues and topping the charts. Doxxxology still tours, but really just at pubs that’ll have them. The crowds are lousy and unreceptive to any new material. They just want to hear “Staplehead,” their mega-hit song they so desperately want to leave in the past. But what’s so wrong about playing the hits? …read more >

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