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The ultimate American movie road trip

The myth of the American road trip is one of the oldest and most patriotic stories ever to be told in the United States, featuring lonely, wandering characters trying to find purpose in the wasteland of the desolate country. Wide, endless and sprawling, these American back roads and highways represent a poetic landscape rife for self-discovery, led by the inspiring muffled vibrations of the music of the liberating car stereo. Much like the classic American Western, the road movie relies on an exploratory narrative where characters explore their own frontiers whilst pushing the physical borders of discovery. Such journeys take characters across the length and breadth of America, encountering hitchhikers, strange, desolate locations and surprising challenges, each weaving together to create one, all-encompassing story of personal revelation… read more >

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a camp for girls

The Camp Fire Girls were formally established on March 17, 1912. Inspired by the Boy Scouts, it was one of the first such programs created

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Indian Nipple Balm

When people ask Indian models what they use to keep their nipples so supple, the answer is always “Tiger Brand Indian Nipple Balm, of course!”

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Game Boy Color

Seeing how Game Boy Color hit the states in late ’98, this candid from a Toys “Я” Us is probably sometime in ’99, well after

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