The Ultimate sound quality and reliability

“Excuse me, while I plug in my Sony Discman into my car’s cassette deck like a goddamn boss.” –  Me, 1989

Make fun of our old shit all you want, but the sound quality and reliability of this setup rivals that of Bluetooth streaming in every way. Ok, so this janky setup wasn’t nearly as convenient, nor was packing binders full of CD’s, but it sounded great!

Tape World Boombox 1978 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt – Psyne Co.

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Super Bee!

So, who’s got $3k and a time machine? 😋 #Mopar #SuperBee #Roadrunner #440 #Hemi #1970 #musclecars #vintage #killerride #classiccar #Dodge #SixPack #iwanttogoback #Psyne #Coronet

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Fill her up

Love this old school springer chop and the old school gas pump. CJ Custom Cycle Parts 1970 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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