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Throughout the 20th century, Columbia Pictures was known for its sitcoms, many of which put a quirky, comedic spin on the ups and downs of domestic life. One such sitcom was Bewitched, created by Sol Saks. The show, which ran from 1964 to 1972, follows the adventures of a young witch named Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), who can work wonders with a simple twitch of her nose. Much to the dismay of her mother Endora (Agnes Moorehead), Samantha falls in love with a very mortal advertising executive named Darrin Stephens (first Dick York, later Dick Sargent). When she marries him, she agrees to tone down her magic for his sake — but she just can’t keep her promise and often uses her powers to deal with problems. Sometimes her charms backfire and create an even greater catastrophe. However, she and Darrin always patch things up — and come to a better understanding of each other — by the end of each episode… read more >

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