The Untold Truth Of Burger Chef

Burger Chef had a name that said it all. Its handle wasn’t ambiguous like McDonald’s or an acronym like KFC. This franchise was a series of restaurants where chefs made their customers burgers. Now, it may be difficult to imagine, but this humbly named chain was once a cultural juggernaut. According to Hersh Shefrin, Burger Chef had around 1,200 fast food outlets back in 1972. To put that number into perspective, McDonald’s had 1,600 restaurants. This meant that Burger Chef, for a moment there, had the second most number of outlets. Some folks also seem as if they still like this place. It even has an unofficial Facebook page that has over 16,000 likes.

But what did Burger Chef do to become such a big deal? And why did this fast-food chain disappear? Well, cast these wonders aside, because these questions are about to be answered. This piece will furthermore discuss this chain’s legacy, a TV advertisement that they wanted to film, and the unsolved Burger Chef murders… read more >

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