The X-Files Premiered 30 Years Ago Tonight

This 1993 TV show preview article gave viewers a taste of what The X-Files was going to be about.

The X-Files is showered with praise, as fans come together online to look back and celebrate the sci-fi television series on its 30th anniversary.

The X-Files fans celebrate the iconic sci-fi television series’ 30th anniversary, looking back on the pilot and its legacy. The show starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as a pair of FBI agents who investigate unsolved cases surrounding the potentially paranormal and supernatural. Following its 1993 premiere date, The X-Files ran for 11 total seasons (including the revival), as well as two feature films released in 1998 and 2008.

As 30 years have passed since The X-Files first aired on Fox, fans of Chris Carter’s sci-fi drama franchise have taken to Twitter to celebrate the milestone, looking back on the show and celebrating the longstanding influential status it holds to this day. Check out a selection of the X-Files 30th anniversary celebrations… read more >

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