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This 1974 Pro-Touring Turbo Ford Pinto Is The Balls

I grew up as a Chevrolet guy and, while I respect Fords, have never felt the desire to own one. With the exception of a Ford Pinto or their big brother, the Maverick. How weirdo am I? This is the reason that I love Joe Escobar’s little orange Pinto so much. They hold a special place in my heart for some reason. I even wanted to put a Pinto body over my Corvette chassis that they ended up building on Road Kill. So when I saw this little bastard while cruising Craigslist, I about lost it. The stance is awesome, the touches are great, and with few more this could be a Camaro killer like none other! Raise your hands if you too think this is one cool 1974 Pro-Touring Turbo Ford Pinto!

There is an assload of stuff going on in this little car that may not be realized with just one glance. Check out all the info the seller has provided. I have to say, I think the asking price of $5800 is great. Sure, it needs some more work to finish it, but this is a great start. Someone get it and have a riot with it for me! Read more >

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