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Ti West’s Horror Masterwork, X, Leaves You Breathless In Both Terror and Ecstasy

Kid Cudi rules it up in X, but we can’t help but wonder if that’s a stunt dong?

Packing both horror and humor, X is pure cinematic perfection from its patient set-up all the way to its explosive climax.

When considering the all-time great films that have made use of the exquisite cinematic potential of horror, there must now be a place for the explosive experience that is writer-director Ti West’s riveting and raucous X. With wild abandon, it is a film that carves out a place amongst not just the best horror from A24, but of the glorious genre writ large. It is a meticulous and patient work that also packs a wicked sense of humor that never lets you go once it has you in its grasp. Even as it wears many of its horror influences on its sleeve, West weaves his own thrilling and terrifying tale of a 1979 Texas porn shoot gone oh so very wrong… read more >

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