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Tiki Culture: So, what is it?

Cinematographer Sven Kirsten is the author of the “The Book of Tiki” which is widely acknowledged as the Tiki culture bible, and several other publications have deepened the research on his favorite subject of Polynesian pop culture. “Tiki Modern” explores the Tiki style with mid-century modernism, and “Tiki Pop” is the complete chronicles of America’s obsession with Polynesia. His most recent book, “The Art of Tiki” is a passionate study of the Tiki idol as an art form. For the first time, contemporary Tiki art is united and presented equally with what inspired it, original mid-century Polynesian pop… read more >

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Liquor and Guns

When you stop for gas at a rural gas station, and they’re stocking liquor and guns on the same wall, you know you’re somewhere special.

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Super Bee!

So, who’s got $3k and a time machine? 😋 #Mopar #SuperBee #Roadrunner #440 #Hemi #1970 #musclecars #vintage #killerride #classiccar #Dodge #SixPack #iwanttogoback #Psyne #Coronet

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Brockway Babe

This old Brockway is solid gold, baby 😎. William N. Brockway founded the Brockway Carriage Works in Homer, New York, and incorporated the business in

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