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Time Capsule 1965 Pro-Street Chevelle

Back in the before times, our hot rodding hobby was the wild west. Yeah, 40 years ago there was an aftermarket, but it didn’t even remotely resemble what you see today. Four decades ago, there weren’t terms like Pro-Touring, restomod, or even the Internet. There were no tubular control arms, and handling, for the most part, was left to Porsches and ‘Vettes. You got your parts from brick-and-mortar speed shops and a few chains like Super Shops. But what we did have was Pro-Street. Why? Well, because most of aftermarket for hot rods was focused on drag racing, and guys worked overtime to meld drag race parts to their street cars. This is the story of one such Pro-Street Chevy that was iconic in the ’80s SoCal street scene, a 1965 Chevelle owned by Mark Abbott and called Quicksilver. What you see here is pretty much how the car has looked for the last four decades, in essence a Pro-Street survivor and a window into our hot rodding roots… read more >


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