The Cragar Corporation was founded in 1930 by Crane Gartz. Crane originally sold aircraft engines and Ford Model A cylinder heads. The company struggled during the great depression, and in 1935, George Wight, the founder of Bell Auto Parts, purchased Cragar from Gartz. After buying the company, Wight began selling Cragar products through Bell Auto Parts. In 1945 Wight unexpectedly passed away, and Roy Richter, who had been working for Wight since 1933 purchased Bell Auto Parts. Ten years later, in 1955 Richter was also able to secure Cragar Corporation, which then became known as Cragar Equipment Company. Richter realized there was a need for a stylish wheel amongst the rapidly growing hot rod and custom car scene. Roy was a fantastic visionary in the motor industry, and he owned both Bell Auto Parts and Cragar. Richter had been involved in cars from an early age. He was also a professional auto racer before he realized that his real talent was building race cars and products. In 1967 he also helped form SEMA for the automotive aftermarket… read more >

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