Top 10 Coolest T-Top Cars Ever

There was a time when automakers let us remove half the roof for more driving fun, and although the T-top roof’s heyday has come and gone, collectors and others who still dig the retro-cool body part continue to snap up cars equipped with them. What’s a T-top? Two removable roof panels located over the front passengers that pop out of the roof for an open-air experience, leaving behind an exposed structural bar in the center of the car. A T-top doesn’t make a car a full-on convertible, and it isn’t a moonroof or sunroof, either. It’s also not a Targa top; that one provides full exposure for front passengers without the bar. Uncomplicated visual: the Burt Reynolds Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit (T-top) compared to the Tom Selleck Ferrari in Magnum P.I. (Targa top)… read more >

Dixco Can Tac 1958 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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