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Larry and Mike Alexander, known as the “A Brothers,” reshaped the world of custom cars. From their humble shop in Detroit, they weaved a fresh fabric into the tapestry of American culture and elevated custom car design to new levels, all from the heart of the rust belt. Hot Rod Magazine said the brothers were as important to the world of hot rods as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Elvis Presley were to rock and roll and nobody has even tried to dispute that statement. Regarded as both fabricating geniuses and expert mechanics, the A Bros were arguably the most technically capable builders during the golden era of custom cars in the late 1950s and ‘60s. In fact, their technical acumen is how they broke into the big time and ended up restyling vehicles for the big three in Detroit.

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Dump ‘Em Out

At Mardi Gras, you exchange beads for a quick flash of flesh, but in biker culture, you kindly ask the ladies to dump ’em out

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Saddle Up

It’s a new week, so saddle up and get to it, bitches! #motorcycle #tattoos #MondayMotivation #vintagebikes #OldSchool #bikergirl #vintage #psyne Tom Downey’s Wild Paints 1958

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