Top Fuel Motorcycle Racing

Recently, it has come to my attention that there seems to be a heightened interest in Top Fuel motorcycles. This is a good thing; any attention in the various classes of motorcycle drag racing, which sheds light on the classes or one class in particular, can only serve to bring attention to the sport and of course the class of focus. In as much as people of various walks of life have probed the question; “What exactly is a Top Fuel motorcycle” I am compelled to offer up some thoughts on this as the Senior Editor of Please understand the following words are my own and do not directly reflect the opinions or values of any drag racing sanctioning body or specific person, other than myself. I have been around these motorcycles and their creators since 1980 when I got my first whiff of nitromethane when I attended the NMRA race at Epping, NH, that year. I can’t remember if it was Elmer’s double engine nitro Harley “Pure Pork,” or Wayne Davis Kawasaki, or Bo’s Terminal Van Lines bike or the Teson & Bernard bike: but one of them baptized me back then and I’ve not been the same since… read more >

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