It really is the recipe for the perfect crime — thousands of miles of open road, truckers who are never in one place for long, and victims law enforcement views as disposable. It’s why such big-rig murderers have been able to hide — and drive — in plain sight for decades.

Join us and our sister site, The Drive, for Cars & Crime Week. In it, we’re exploring the fast and the nefarious of the auto world. We’ve got plenty of dangerous roadside attractions and high-speed crime scenes in our view — so strap in for the ride.

At the Flying J truck stop on I-40 in West Memphis, Arkansas, an ugly rumor was spreading among the long-haul truck drivers. Between grabbing meals and fueling up their big rigs, they spoke about a serial killer said to be among them. It was 2003, and the bodies of missing and murdered women were being found beneath bridges and overpasses, inside cheap motels and along highway off-ramps… read more >

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