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Turbo-Jet 396

From 1965 to 1970, Chevrolet’s big kahuna big-block V8 performance engine for its mid-size and smaller muscle cars was the L78 396 cubic-inch V8. This engine was never used in professional racing but the Chevrolet performance parts used in and on the L78 had Chevrolet racing DNA written all over them. The L78 396 made its first appearance during the middle of the 1965 model year in the Chevrolet Corvette and full-size Chevrolet models. Its output was factory rated at 425 gross horsepower and 415 lb-ft of gross torque in 1965. The L78 396 after 1965 would never again be available in the Corvette or any full-size Chevy model. Starting in 1966 the L78 396 would receive no changes but now was available only in the Chevelle SS and El Camino. For 1967, the L78’s availability was expanded to the Camaro and for 1968 expanded to the Nova. The 1966-1970 L78’s were factory rated at 375 gross horsepower and 415 lb-ft of gross torque. In reality, the gross horsepower rating of all L78 396 V8s produced was around 425 gross horsepower… read more >

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