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TV Tommy Ivo’s Showboat

In the early 1960s, TV Tommy Ivo and a small crew set out to build a four-wheel drive dragster with four Buick nailhead V8s. It was designed to be the fastest dragster in history, but the men had overlooked one crucial factor – traction. In its original incarnation, the car was called the “Showboat,” a nickname that was assigned by Hot Rod Magazine and secretly hated by Tommy. When the driver of the TV Tommy Ivo Showboat saw the lights go out and hit the gas, all four wheels would spin simultaneously, engulfing the car in a cloud of tire smoke as it launched down the 1/4 mile… read more >

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Murder One

As any self-respecting Motörhead fan knows, Murder One was Lemmy’s primary bass amp, a customized 1976 Marshall Super Bass. The Super Bass was 100 watts,

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Women of Twin Peaks

In honor of Women’s History Month, here are some alternate readings of the women of Twin Peaks, that strangely frightening little mountain town. Many of

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Sutherland Macdonald

In Victorian England, Sutherland Macdonald stands out as the country’s first professional tattoo artist. After James Cook‘s trip to the South Pacific, where the crew

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Portable Car Hoist

If you’ve ever been to Baja, you’ve probably seen these portable car hoist setups used by several teams, or at least those with lighter rigs

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