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UFO Robot Grendizer

I love a lot of cartoon characters like Optimus Prime from The Transformers, Guyver and many more, but no one ever came close to UFO Robot Grendizer I like Grendizer so much that I refuse to think of it as a cartoon, as this show carried a lot of morals and emotions. Duke Fleed was a great character by all standards. He was a selfless, loving person, even though he was bleeding of pain inside.

UFO Robot Grendizer (UFOロボ·グレンダイザー, UFO Robo Gurendaizā, sometimes Romanized as UFO Robo Grendizer), known alternately by the names Grandizer, Goldorak and Goldrake, is a Super Robot Genre Mecha Show anime and manga created by Go Nagai, and the final series in the Mazinger trilogy, (chronologically set after Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger). It was broadcast on Japanese television from October 5, 1975, to February 27, 1977, and lasted 74 episodes. Three manga versions were produced, one of them written by Go Nagai and the others by Gosaku Ota and Eiji Imamichi… read more >

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