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Vannin’ Ain’t Dead, There’s Just No Vacancy!

We’ve all heard the jokes, “If this van’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’, or our personal favorite, “If the springs are squeakin’, don’t come peakin’”. But, the reality is, vans are extremely practical. From general labor to cruising the local strip, they’re just fantastic for all types of activities. Sure, they might’ve begun to carry a certain stigma in the dark minivan years, but there was a time when vanners ruled. Of course, the vanner life wasn’t just for anyone, it took a special owner who carried with them a swagger and bravado to back up the quirky set of wheels. Now, humor us for a moment, and let’s take a step way back to 1977… Mark and Dorinda Coates’ sweet 1977 Dodge Street Van is a blast from the bast that we found it at Holley’s Moparty. Read more >

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