Voodoo ’66

Voodoo is the 73rd episode of Gilligan’s Island and the fifth episode of the third season. It first aired October 10, 1966. After Gilligan goes exploring in one of the caves on the Island, he finds Native relics which the Professor believes are Mayan in origin. The Skipper reverts to his superstitious beliefs by claiming they’re cursed, which seems evident after Gilligan gets a jab in his neck after digging up the objects. Unaware there’s a Voodoo Witch Doctor on the island, everyone enjoys the relics. When the girls are trying on necklaces, the Voodoo witch Doctor steals two personal items from them to place curses on them, pinning them together briefly as a test. The Howells believe the relics are priceless, and Mr. Howell pays Gilligan and the Skipper to go back and dig up more of them at the same time the Professor takes the girls back to the cave to cure them of their fears… read more >

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