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Karate! Bodacious racks! Badass babes! Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! has everything you could ever want from a B-movie, right down to the frantic jazz soundtrack. Its legacy endures today, but the film was not well received on its release in 1965. Back then, sexual attitudes were becoming more liberal, but many second-wave feminists protested against pornography and free love. Any film by self-confessed ‘breast man’ and skin flick auteur Russ Meyer was never going to find many fans among this audience. But 50 years later, attitudes have changed and his films are enjoying something of a reappraisal among feminists… read more >

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Sirens of the Sea

Mermaids are known as Greek mythology beings, daughters of the Acheloos River and one of the Muses, although we can find other genealogical proposals. Originally,

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