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Waterworks Park in Issaquah, Washington

Anyone who has lived in western Washington knows that water parks aren’t exactly compatible with the weather, and having one open for the few months that you *may* have warm enough temps to enjoy them isn’t really economically viable. While that may be the case, that didn’t stop developers from building one in Issaquah, Washington back in 1984. Located at the south end of Lake Sammamish and just off I-90 in an area that is now just one ginormous business park, Waterworks Park claimed to offer more than a mile of waterslides and tons of other attractions like the Northwest’s largest hot tub. Built on a massive pile of excavated earth from the Mount Baker Tunnel project in Seattle, Waterworks Park was essentially sitting on an artificial mountain on land that would all too soon be more valuable than the park, so it was demolished in 1988.

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