Welcome to Your Funeral: the Story of Rigor Mortis

This is a two-hour documentary about the Texas metal band, Rigor Mortis. This is low budget, but hilariously detailed. Want to know the ins and outs of the lineup changes of one of the members’ pre-Rigor Mortis cover band? This is the movie for you. At one point, they spend five minutes or so talking about a member of said cover band who only lasted a couple practices, and is otherwise not notable. I can appreciate the attention to detail, I guess. What’s funny is that these two hours are “Part 1”. The movie ends when the band gets signed. The only official release they had during the time period covered here is a demo tape. This was produced by the (now dead) vocalist, so it’s unclear if Part 2 is ever going to come out.

Lots of interviews talking about how brutal and crazy the band’s music/lyrics were. My wife watched some of this with me and kept saying, “I don’t get it, just sounds like fast metal and with lyrics about cheesy horror movies.” Maybe it felt different in the mid 80s? Also, fucking white supremacist Phil Anselmo narrates it in his deep junkie voice. It’s jarring and annoying every time his overdub starts. Fuck that guy.

All that said, this is a pretty fun movie. Band plays outdoor show, gets day drunk, goes to a bar and starts loading their pockets with balls from the pool table to get ready to fight with the entire bar. Drummer gets arrested on drug charges. Singer begs his way into the band. Bassist has ridiculous hair. Their lyrical process was to get stoned and watch B grade horror movies, and then pick out key lines from the movies to build songs around.

A fun waste of time. H/T>

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