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Were The ’70s The Audiophile Golden Age for Hi-Fi Stereo Gear?

There are times when circumstances and conditions come together in a once-in-a-lifetime manner, right? You know what I mean—perhaps it is a sports team, when just the right collection of players are on the team together, their personalities and chemistry mesh perfectly, and they’re all having great seasons at the same time. Or it could be a job, when market conditions are ideal for your company’s offerings and you have just the exact personnel in place that can do the job. Maybe it’s a social situation, when the setting is just right, your feelings are right, you know exactly what to say—not too nervy and not too forward, but sufficiently confident and chance-taking—such that you make that all-important connection that will alter your life… read more >

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Roses are red, vinyl is black. Skip the bouquet, send me a stack. Word 🤗 Roses Are Red, Vinyl Is Black 1985 Vintage Women’s T-Shirt

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The Happy Camper started as a 1971 Winnebago Brave the Ringbrothers purchased at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2014. It had plaid upholstery

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