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What is an Old-school Chopper?

Yes, we know… The name obviously speaks for itself. But we are talking about a retro chopper, which often has a nice old-school engine. Speaking of engines, think about the well-known and beloved Knucklehead, Flathead, Panhead and Shovelhead engines which were made by Harley-Davidson.

These engines have a lovely mechanical and classic look and are often the weapon of choice for an old-school project. Install a high ape hanger, a flashy fishtail and a high seat with the corresponding sissy bar! Proceed then by installing a tool roll or bag on your springer fork, and you are good to go for an old-school look!

Of course, you can also remove the parts on your modern bike, cut and drill a bit, and it will do the trick for an old-school chopper. After all, who would not want to experience that Easy Rider feeling? Read more >

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