What is it like being the hot lifeguard?

I worked for very many years as an oceanfront lifeguard. It is a completely legit organization filled to the brim with mega-athletes that will absolutely save your life. Whether you’ve gotten yourself into a rip or snapped your neck or need CPR we’ve done it and we are coming to help you with literally zero fear (after the first couple of years, that is). That’s what we do as lifeguards. Now on to what we do elsewhere. What we do at night SHOULD be made into a movie. The only problem is it’s so completely absurd that no one would believe it (and I expect anyone reading this won’t either.).

Lifeguards are absolute sharks. I have picked up 90% of any of the girls I attempted on the beach. Your girlfriend on vacation? No problem. Your wife with the kids taking a nap upstairs? No problem. Your daughter on bible retreat? Ya, I hooked up with her… she also went down on her friend with me in the room… read more >

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