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What the Biker Lifestyle really about?

Well like most bikers the bug probably hit you when growing up as a snot-nose little punk. I remember some saddle tramps that lived next door to me. I use to love seeing them pull up in their driveway with long hair, tattoos, and Harley’s. That image always stuck in my head. Someone who just did what they wanted when they wanted. I love the Biker lifestyle. It’s been much more then just the wind in the face like most yuppie bikers like describing. It’s about doing what you want and living the life you want to live. I always hated being around most people. I can hardly count on one finger the friends I really have. People are fake 90% of the time. They either try to play something they are not or their money does the talking for them… read more >

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Dreams always end

“Guess your dreams always end, hey don’t rise up, just descend.” “Insight” is perhaps one of the most overlooked Joy Division songs, and is probably

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