What to Do When You Breakdown in the Outback

For many off-road travelers, the allure of the Outback is its remoteness, rugged landscape and the challenge it presents to traverse. Those draw cards, however, are also what makes the Outback a dangerous place to have your vehicle breakdown. With less than 4% of Australians living in this region, terrain inhospitable and temperatures ranging from 50 degrees Celsius to below freezing across a 24-hour period, it pays to be prepared if you’re travelling in the Outback – no matter how slim you may think the chance of a break-down is.

The moment your vehicle breaks down, it’s tempting to get under the hood or body to ascertain the problem and immediately find a solution. However, while it may sound counterintuitive, it’s often better to give yourself a moment and take stock of the situation before jumping in and looking to problem-solve. Breaking down is a stressful situation which will drain your energy and skew your judgement, so interrupting that heightened and agitated mindset is incredibly important… read more >

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