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Wheels of Soul

Wheels of Soul is the only racially mixed 1% outlaw motorcycle club in the world. The predominantly black club must contend with not only the social stereotyping against bikers, but with the racial bias in the violent world of outlaw bikers. The Wheels of Soul documentary allows the audience a voyeuristic peek into the lives of these private men and their families. The members speak frankly on racism, the history of the club, the biker lifestyle, and day-to-day struggle on the mean streets of Philadelphia. Watch the Wheels of Soul documentary on Amazon >

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Mall Crawler

This rad lifted Baja Bug was scanned out of an old Hot VWs Magazine and included the following caption: “Chip Lane drives this high-riding Baja,

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Among Vagabonds

“In my experience, it is rarer to find a really happy person in a circle of millionaires than among vagabonds.” – Thor Heyerdahl Wander Forever

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