When A Stripper Performed For God At The Toronto Stock Exchange

In the 1970s, a stripper performed at the Toronto Stock Exchange. Sexist? Or just fun? Try to do it now and see what happens? She was there to meet a Mr. Don Bambridge. Who was Don? A trader who worked on the Toronto Stock Exchange writes:

“No discussion of the veterans traders could be started without first paying appropriate respects in talking about GOD! On the floor of the TSE there was only one omnipotent being that was everyone’s god and that was Don Bainbridge. Bainey, as Don was also referred to, was a giant among his peers and was evidenced by everyone that ever traded in the nickle square. Nobody ever gave Bainey anything Bainey didn’t want, and Bainey never had to give anybody anything that he didn’t want given.” Read more >

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