When Honda made 3-wheelers a household name

ATVs – those 4-wheeled behemoths of the track or back trials – loved by the off-road enthusiast and treasured by farmers. The All-Terrain Vehicle cannot claim a history as deep or as long as the motorcycle but it certainly rouses the passion of owners and riders everywhere. The “ATV” first emerged in the 1960s and referred to amphibious 6-wheelers like the Jiger in 1961, the Amphicat manufactured in the late 1960s and the Terra Tiger. These original vehicles were “non-straddle” and once straddle ridden ATVs came to market, the term AATV or amphibious all-terrain vehicle was attached to the 6-wheelers.

The first ATV as we know it emerged as a 3-wheeler. The Sperry-Rand Tricart was designed in 1967 and manufactured in 1968. However, it was the Honda ATC that made 3-wheelers a household name and set the path for today’s ATV. In 1970, Honda introduced their US90 or ATC90 (All Terrain Cycle). The movie Diamonds Are Forever and the TV shows Magnum, P.I. and Hart to Hart helped spur on its popularity. It was 100 percent recreational use only and incorporated large balloon tires instead of a suspension. The ATC70 provided fun for kids and in 1979 the ATC110 opened up the throttle… read more >

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