When The Internet Was Labeled a Fad

Furbies were a fad. The fact that some toy manufacturers sell ridiculously expensive indispensable toys is questionable… near Christmastime I went to buy Furbies at Toys “R” Us for my daughter. I remember that was too cold in New York City and I woke up very early to be able to buy one…it had a long line waiting to doors open. Internet was never a fad, but always a real technological innovation. It’s not a single product, but a system and a platform. Most things that seem like fads actually are fads. Exceptions like this are rare. People will use this example to justify that their personal favorite fad isn’t a fad… read more >

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Sweet dreams are made of fiends. Who am I to disagree? Fiend Club 1979 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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