When The Popsicle Twins Appeared on The Gong Show

In 1977, The Gong Show featured an act performing under the name ‘Have You Got A Nickel’ who proceeded to show off their popsicle-eating skills, hence how they became known as ‘The Popsicle Twins.’ On its face, this doesn’t sound like a particular draw for a talent show – except their efforts are – how shall we put this? Maybe a little explicit, or even borderline NSFW. These two seventeen-year-old girls entire act was them enjoying their orange popsicles rather sensually, and while they didn’t exactly do well on the show, they became TV legends… and probably gained a lot of interest from teenage boys back home. Anyway, somehow, the censors only noticed the erotic nature of this act after the East Coast airing, and NBC immediately cut this segment from the show, so the west coast folks missed out. Thankfully, it has since resurfaced, and you can enjoy it in all its tacky Gong Show glory.

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