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Why Be Something You’re Not

Why Be Something You’re Not was a very short-lived public access TV show put on by punk rockers in Detroit. Shockingly, it only ran for two episodes (at least as far as we can discern), but those two episodes, man … The first features very rare footage of Jello Biafra-approved anarchists Crucifucks throwing down; the second (recently unearthed by Cvlt Nation) captures a pre-Earth A.D. Misfits full of youthful adrenaline and unfuckwithable attitude, Glenn Danzig devillocked and spindly armed and fucking funny. Source >

When interviewed after the band’s opening salvo, he jokes of the group’s “Fiend Club” that they’ll send fans “rubber dicks” and “whores through the mail” — “we’re send a whore to your house!” The crowd laughs and then gives Danzig, Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and drummer Robo everything they’ve got once the Jersey horrorcore gang kicks back into its set, a tangle of limbs, crowd-surfing and generally losing their shit like people could only do at an early Eighties punk-rock show.

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