Why King of the Hill’s Hank and Bobby Are the Best Father and Son on Television

A few days ago, Hulu ordered a revival of King of the Hill. Or at least that’s the rumor floating around. So this little homage to the Hills is both a throwback and extremely timely. How about that? Hank and Bobby, here’s to you. We hope you keep not understanding one another for our enjoyment… read more >

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Chicks Who Ride

Chicks who ride probably won’t ride you… just sayin’ 🤷‍♂️ Good Girls Sit. Bad Bitches Ride. 1974 Vintage Women’s T-Shirt

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Body by Fisher

You’ve seen the emblem on door-sill plates of Chevy cars going back well into the 1930s. The image of a horse-drawn coach. Symbolized General Motors

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