Win a 32,000 Original-Mile 1967 Oldmobile 442 W30 Factory-Built Drag Racer

“Meet the car that Olds built for people on the go. 442. The road car/rally machine in street clothing!”— Oldsmobile (1967)

Way back in 1967, a young Oldsmobile Test Track engineer named Dick Haas special ordered this ’67 442 W30, and it spent the first few months of its life as a High-Performance Test Car at General Motors’ Milford Proving Grounds. After loading this rare 442 W30 with every factory speed part in the order books, this black-on-black W30 factory drag racer campaigned in major NHRA events (with Haas behind the wheel), representing the Oldsmobile brand on and off the track.

It is one of two sequential test-track cars built specifically for NHRA racing in the Summer of 1967. As is typical with muscle cars built specifically for NHRA stock class racing, this fantastic 442 W30 put its mileage on one-quarter mile at a time and today shows 32,000 original miles.

Thanks to the dedication of the original owner to preserve a significant chapter of muscle-car history, this is a fantastic muscle car that you will be proud to put in your garage and cherish forever… read more >

Dr. Oldsmobile’s W Machine 1969 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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