Teenagers Barry (David Levy), CC (John Anthony Bailey) and Susan (Carol Anne Seflinger) find an old dune buggy (with the license plate SCHLEP) in a scrapyard. The kids buy the wreck and place what turns out to be a magical horn on the vehicle and presto – it turns into the talking shiny metal-flake orange Wonderbug (with the licence plate 1DERBUG). Wonderbug can talk, think, fly and travel on water and is able to help the three teens capture crooks and prevent evil wrongdoing.

Susan is the real brains of the group and comes up with all the plans, but it is Barry who takes the credit (he says, “I’ve got a better idea,” then repeats Susan’s idea). CC then agrees with what Barry says, not realizing it was actually Susan’s idea in the first place… read more >

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End of the Rainbow

“Hey, Glumface, next time there’s a rainbow look up! You’ll feel better, and you might see me too.” — Rainbow Brite Bumping into you at

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