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Woodshock 1985

Before it became “The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas was home to an alternative music festival known as Woodshock. A quip on the “Aquarian Exposition” of a similar name, the punk rock beer bust was first held in Waterloo Park in 1981. Fourteen local Texan bands played for over six hours, which was interrupted by a massive sprinkler raid indicating the park’s curfew. The event’s inaugural poster was designed by a pre-Jesus Lizard David Yow, who desecrated the classic Woodstock dove by flipping it upside-down with XX’s in its eyes and a toe tag. Peace and Love, my ass… read more >

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Get Magnatude

Magna was a lower, mid-tier cigarette brand targeted at male smokers who maybe couldn’t afford the big-name smokes, but still didn’t want to be seen

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Sweatshirt Monster

Anyone remember the Sweatshirt Monster episode of Leave it to Beaver? Beaver and his friends buy fad “monster” sweatshirts and agree to wear them to

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