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World’s Worst 1970 Pontiac GTO: The Holey Goat

In the world of restored classic cars, most go from somewhat poor condition to excellent condition. Very few start their life as “The Holey Goat” or the “Swiss Cheese GTO” and complete their journey as bona fide show cars. Pole Barn Garage over a 30-long episode series to document this process. Not quite show-ready, the Pontiac still has a rust-rat aesthetic.

A YouTuber Pole Barn Garage is prone to hyperbole, but not in this case. First bought for $200 and in possibly the worst state we’ve ever seen a car in, those nearest must have questioned the enthusiast’s sanity. Proving the doubters wrong, the Pontiac runs and has a few unique features, additionally, with an unusual history. Reportedly, the previous owners used the GTO for weekend target practice in the 70s and 80s, believing it was a LeMans… read more >

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