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Would You Rock This 1980 Toyota 4X4 Pickup?

For the record, I’d rock the truck, but the entire 80s Toyota truck market is crack pipe IMHO, so not at the prices people are paying for them.

Remember when Top Gear attempted to kill a Toyota pickup, and they couldn’t? Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 4×4 gives you the chance to try. Let’s see if it’s priced well enough to stave off those attempts.

Some say that killing a Range Rover is a fairly easy task. It’s rumored that all it takes to off one of Britain’s best is to drive it around a bit while skipping one or more oil changes or perhaps just ignoring that flashing engine symbol on the dash.

Okay, so the marque isn’t that fragile. As evidence of that reality, the 1997 Range Rover Vitesse HSE we looked at yesterday had done over 200K while still looking brand new. That’s pretty amazing. Less remarkable it seems was the car’s $7,500 asking price. That seemed too dear for most, and a few of you pointed out the coil-spring retrofit as being a bad take, suggesting a reduction in the price was warranted to revert that change and make it right. In the end, you voted it a 65 percent Crack Pipe loss, and then we all went on with our lives… read more >

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