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Back in the late 19th century, working ranches began allowing visitors from the East Coast and Midwest to escape the crowds of their suburban lives to experience the unique spirit that the wild west was known for. While they originally started as simple room and board arrangements, the ranches soon realized a lot of these folks actually wanted to do ‘cowboy stuff’ and that they could put them to work. Dusty’s Dude Ranch just outside of Tombstone, Arizona is no exception as they got set up to offer these services at their new cattle ranch from day one in 1898 and have been doing it ever since. The 1,200-acre working ranch works multiple cattle herds year-round and has rustic casitas that have received guests from coast to coast for more than one hundred and twenty years now.

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I rode a full pipe once and almost died twice… not for the faint of heart. #skateboarding #vintageskater #oldschool #THRASHER Skate and Destroy 1981 Vintage

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Ron’s Bug

“I got a white Volkswagen Beetle,” he said. “It was my way of saying, ‘Don’t put me in that other box (guys buying Corvettes because

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Real Life

There’s no escape… assholes are everywhere! #ComicBook #VanLife #SpaceTruckin #PlanetBullshit #Mars #NoWayOut #KeepOnTruckin #mars #WeAreFucked #RoadTrip #NoEscape #LandOfConfusion #Psyne #PsyneCo #VintageStyle #TShirt #VintageTShirt #VintageFashion Space

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