Yes, These Guys Built A 1964 Ford Galaxie Baja Racer, and It May Be The Coolest Thing Ever

You can stop rubbing your eyes. That isn’t a photo-shop job, a camera trick, or a ruse. That really is a 1964 Ford Galaxie Baja Racer competing in the NORRA Mexican 1000 with a Dart 427ci Ford engine, big mondo tires, a fully custom suspension, roll cage, frame, and ingenious tire mounting system in the trunk. As we said in the title, this could be the coolest thing ever. The “Triple Nickel” racing team is comprised of a group of friends, fabricators, and mechanics that we desperately want to drink beer with. These people are bat poop crazy in all the right ways. Why did they build a Galaxie? Who the hell cares. They built a Galaxie. This isn’t a “trar” in the sense of it being a car body slammed on a truck chassis. While it is certainly more truck-like than car like, it is a creation wholly of their own minds and hands. Sweet mother of mercy, this is cool. If it is even possible, another thing that cranks up the cool-meter is the fact that it is a 2WD and not 4WD… read more >

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