You are an infatuation I wish I never had

You remind me of the summer and the bass line of a repetitive song, that I hate. You are an infatuation I wish I never had. And when you look at me, I choke on the air in my lungs, while it rains around me and I turn ice-cold. As I huddle under an umbrella, in a city full of anonymous people, I hope that one day you’ll look directly at me, or even see me, amongst all the gray, because I see you, every day. You are as bright as the morning star, that I watch alone wishing that you were with me. You could kiss my wind burned lips and… read more >

Love Stinks 1981 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Blue Dreams

Pretty sure this isn’t an Earl Scheib paint job 😏

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Cragar S/S

Known as the original muscle car wheel, the Cragar S/S is the one aftermarket wheel that I think we can all agree looks good on

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