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Best described as a cross between Space Invaders and Galaxian, Radar Scope went down in history for a few different reasons, and this is the story of Radar Scope and all of the reasons it’s still remembered today.

Some games are destined to go down as mere footnotes in history; their names relegated to mere references in the discussion of more successful or more “important” games. Most times, you’ll see it in the example of a game that was years before its time, but where a successor does a better job of putting all the pieces together to become a more popular game. For instance, while Epic Games’ 2006 release Gears of War is lauded for popularizing the cover-based style of third-person shooters, only a small percentage of players will be aware that the mechanic was first innovated by Omega Force’s WinBack way back in 1999 on the N64.

Now, I’ve heard that bit of trivia shared more than a few times by more than a few different people, but I never seem to hear much else about the game at all? It doesn’t get passed around nearly as often that it was also the first third-person shooter to feature functional laser sights on weapons, or that the voice acting is awesomely bad in the PS2 version… or that there was a PS2 version at all, for that matter. The point is, it’s a game known to most by name only, if at all… read more >

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