Yuppies, Reaganomics, & the Crazy 1980s Economy

A young urban professional walks out of their well-paying job and jumps into their convertible. They’ve got a bright white smile, perfect hair, a Rolex, and are clothed from head to toe in Ralph-Lauren. They drive off while talking on their car phone and appear to be the poster child for success.

They are clearly well off and make sure to flaunt this affluence. This individual would soon become the image that defined wealth and excess in the 1980s. But, at the same time, an economic downturn, inflation, and rescission have arisen that exist in stark contrast to this defining image.

Today, we travel back to an era of economic uncertainty and extreme wealth. This is the story of Yuppies, Reaganomics, and the crazy 80s economy. Read more >

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