Zesto’s: The Ballard Burger Joint With a Black ’57 Chevy on The Roof

Zesto’s opened in 1952 in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, and was known as the place with a ’57 Chevy on the roof where generations of teens hung out. Located on 15th Avenue N.W. across from Ballard High School, Zesto’s was known for its burgers, fries, and jukebox stocked with rockin’ tunes, but closed in early 2012 after 60 wonderful years. For those wondering about the ’57 Chevy, the pristine black Bel Air was in amazing condition, and was routinely washed and waxed to protect it from the elements, and yes, it was in running, driving condition. It was regularly started and run, and even given periodic oil changes, despite driving zero miles per year. The car was sold separately when the restaurant was sold in 2001, fetching a $15,000 sale price.

Zesto’s Burgers Seattle 1952 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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