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Starting out as a brick and mortar boutique on Seattle’s Capitol Hill way back in 1995, Psyne Co. stocked an eclectic mix of vintage goods, but our specialty was without question t-shirts as they eventually occupied more space than anything else. Over the years, we’ve moved more than a few times and after spaces in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Denver, we make our home nowadays in the desert oasis of Scottsdale, Arizona.

While we no longer maintain retail spaces and our studio is invite-only, we do maintain a solid web presence where you can find our one-of-a-kind vintage t-shirt range which includes everything from occasional white whale vintage pieces to artistic reproductions without compare to classic vintage movie posters and home decor.

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“On the stairs, I smoke a cigarette alone. Mexican kids are shootin’ fireworks below. Hey baby, it’s the Fourth of July!” #bodypaint #smokinggirl #america #usa

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Sirens of the Sea

Mermaids are known as Greek mythology beings, daughters of the Acheloos River and one of the Muses, although we can find other genealogical proposals. Originally,

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