Kojak’s Buick Century

Corgi Toys Model 290 Kojak Buick Century

Those of us of a certain age who see a brown ’70s Buick Century on the street can’t help but think of Kojak. Played by Telly Savalas, Kojak drove several of these rather boring unmarked Buick Century police cars. The first was a ’73 model with full wheel covers, and the second was a ’74 455 badged sedan with small wheel covers, and were painted a drab dark brown color (GM Nutmeg Poly, to be specific).

Later in the series, the brown Century was replaced by a ’75 copper color model, continuing Kojak’s despite to keep a low profile. All three utilized removable red police beacons for when Kojak was in pursuit, and needed to make himself known as a police detective, so he’d just pull it out and slap it on the roof when it was go time. Who loves ‘ya, baby?

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